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sqreen vs IMVision

The need to ensure API endpoint security when building a product that will interact with other software is self-explanatory. Thus, you can employ API authentication and other controls to secure against injection attacks and other widespread types of data breaches. API Security Suites or APISS are products specifically designed to perform an API security audit, monitoring and alerting and today we compare yet another pair: sqreen vs IMVision.


sqreen uses a proprietary RASP model to detect cybersecurity threats on various levels of distributed architectures. Trusted by 800+ companies around the globe, this tool combines user behavioural analysis with in-depth code performance monitoring, helping identify and separate malicious actions without affecting legitimate traffic through your REST APIs.

Update: sqreen has been bought by Datadog and correspondingly can not be evaluated as a stand-alone API Security Suite.


IMvision provides a wide range of features covering four out of the TOP-10 OWASP API vulnerabilities. It's quite effective due to the built-in AI algorithm for analyzing and pinpointing malicious actions, which ensures rapid incident response and escalations with email notifications. Oddly enough, it does not yet provide simple integration with popular DevOps tools, which limits its implementation range.
This AIM standards-compliant management solution mostly serves enterprises helping them manage their vast networks in an intelligent way.

sqreen and IMVision: Key Differences

As you can see, both sqreen and IMVision can be used as SaaS solutions, but IMVision can also act as a separate on-prem or hybrid environment to monitor GraphQL and REST API interactions. On the other hand, sqreen supports simple Slack notification, which is much more convenient for your team than emails from IMVision. More to say, sqreen integrates with Splunk SIEM, ensuring detailed analysis of all suspicious API authorization and authentication attempts.

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