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CDN Security Resource Center

In 2021, over 6,5k out of 10k top global websites have been using Content Delivery Networks (CDN). Such wide popularity of this tool is explained by its numerous benefits. A CDN increases website loading time, reduces bandwidth expenses, improves content availability, positively affects SEO, but most importantly significantly boosts the security of your website.

API Security Tools - Comparisons

We've compared the 5 most popular CDNs based on their scalability, ease of usage, variety of functioning, and pricing putting a special emphasis on the efficiency of the security features.

  1. Cloudflare CDN VS AWS CloudFront CDN
  2. Cloudflare CDN VS Azure CDN
  3. Cloudflare CDN VS Google Cloud CDN
  4. Cloudflare CDN VS Akamai CDN
  5. Google Cloud CDN VS Akamai CDN
  6. Akamai CDN VS AWS CloudFront CDN
  7. AWS Cloudfront VS Azure CDN
  8. Azure CDN VS Akamai CDN

After reviewing our comparisons, you'll be able to fully understand the main security benefits and disadvantages of each CDN provider. Each tool works best for a particular type of project, so now you'll be able to easily identify the best CDN for your business from a security point of view.

In case you still have any questions left about CDN selection or need help ensuring CDN security in your organization, feel free to contact Cyberlands.
Alex Bodryk
Cyberlands, Co-founder & managing director