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42Crunch vs IMVision

Whenever a developer or a DevOps engineer has to design an infrastructure to run software on, ensuring API endpoint security is one of the key tasks. With a wide variety of potential data breach methods, securing your API authentication and API authorization flows becomes essential.

API penetration testing is the most popular method of assessing and improving the cybersecurity of your API, and various API Security Suites or APISS help the purpose-built tools for this task. Today we compare 42Crunch vs IMVision to help you choose between.
42Crunch is built with API security as a cornerstone. It provides an automated positive security model based on the Open API/Swagger file, which covers several OWASP API TOP-10 vulnerabilities. Integration with multiple DevSecOps tools allows weaving 42Crunch seamlessly into your CI/CD pipelines to ensure timely alerting and investigation of system performance.
Covering 4 out of 10 OWASP API vulnerabilities, IMVision fields an AI algorithm to detect malicious activity within your digital landscape. With email notifications, rapid incident response flows and configurable escalation routes, IMVision can become a useful tool for providing visibility within your API security posture.
42Crunch and IMVision: Key Differences
Just like 42Crunch, IMVision can run as a SaaS or hybrid solution, providing decent protection for your GraphQL or REST API connections. At the same time, INVision can also work as a standalone on-prem product. However, while 42Crunch comes with a built-in notifications manager, IMVision relies on emails, which can become somewhat inconvenient at scale.

Both tools lack off-the-shelf integration with SIEM systems, but while IMVision boasts a powerful AI algorithm for detecting malicious activity, 42Crunch benefits from interoperability with various DevSecOps tools, making it an important tool for any cybersecurity team focused on supporting of development process.

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