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API Security Suites comparison №4

apisec vs Traceable

One of the critical aspects of ensuring cybersecurity for your Fintech products and services is preventing API endpoint breaches and other ways of compromising your system using API vulnerabilities.

Thankfully, there are purpose-built products that help assess your API cybersecurity defences, which are called API Security Suites or APISS. Today we compare apisec vs Traceable. Read on to compare their features and feel free to explore the rest of this series.


Apisec covers five out of 10 OWASP top API vulnerabilities and can be integrated with a pack of DevOps tools, streamlining and automating your API vulnerability assessment, monitoring and notifications. AI-powered analytical engine and convenient Slack integration enable creating detailed reports on your API protection and performance.
This is the top API security testing solution that is fully automated and allows you to detect weak spots in your APIs before the hackers locate and exploit them.


Traceable is an APISS built to work in pairs with cloud-native systems like Kubernetes or Envoy Service Mesh. Distributed tracing technology coupled with an AI engine allows in-depth monitoring of production API environments in the cloud.
Among its top features are continuous inventory, inspection, auto-remediation, and auto-triage.

apisec and Traceable: Key Differences

You can select either apisec or Traceable for running your API security moniroting in the cloud. While both tools don't have out-of-the-box integration with SIEM systems, they still boast powerful AI features, solid API discovery methods and a range of vulnerabilities to cover.

If you are not ready to consider procurement of a tool - you can check out our API Penetration Testing Service.
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