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May, 2022

Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility & Governance (ESG) Policy Statement

Company means Cyberlands.io a business incorporated in Republic of Estonia.
ESG means the Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility & Governance.
Responsible Person means Oleksandr Bodryk, Member of Management board.

1. ESG purposes
This ESG Policy formalizes Cyberlands' commitment to responsible business practices in the areas of:
• Environmental Stewardship.
• Social Responsibility.
• Governance, Ethics & Compliance.

2. Principles
a. Digital-first - we will decrease the amount of paper used as well as the amount of travel for business purposes to lower carbon and paper footprint.
b. Pragmatic reuse - we will aim to retain our people and design sustainable business processes and tools to minimize the number of natural resources used to run and change our business.
c. Equality - we will put effort to ensure our decisions are not impacted by inequality bias and strive to provide jobs to people of different countries, races, and continents.
d. Fair play - we will not engage in a business that requires bribery or similar practices.

4. Oversight and Implementation
Company management board will count into its decisions ESG factors as well as target culture and gender diversity as an enabler to company growth and sustainable operations. Responsible person will perform annual audits to ensure company operations within ESG principles mentioned above.

5. Monitoring and enforcement
Cyberlands seeks to proactively prevent and mitigate instances of non-compliance with this ESG policy.
a. If an employee or external party has an ethics-related question or concern, they are encouraged to contact the Ethics email ethics@cyberlands.io.
b. If an employee or external party has a safety-related question or concern, they are encouraged to contact via welcome@cyberlands.io.