- API Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing & Developer-friendly Container Security Solution

Our top-notch Ukrainian & Portugal security engineers delivered penetration testing for banks and crypto exchanges, HealthTech firms. Now we have built developer-friendly security solution, want to check out?

Penetration Testing & Developer-friendly Container Security

Our Workflow

Discovery Call
We discuss with you details of your API, compliance programmes to be supported and desirable schedule of an engagement
Schedule and Budget Approval
We present you possible schedule and costs, as well as outcomes and our relevant experience
Start of Penetration Testing Delivery
We deliver the engagement, while it goes we approve with you any actions that could lead to service interruption
We perform all kinds of OSINT and reconnaissanse, as well as test geolocation and WAF controls that protect your app
Penetration Testing
We perform dozens of checks according to specifics of your API and how it could be accessed, including SSL pinning bypass and other methods required
Report Preparation and Presentation
We prepare and present concise and clear report with findings, test cases and recommendations - including Executive Summary

Cyberdock Use Cases

How We Differ

  • Coverage
    We are capable to assess cybersecurity of entire digital stack - Web, API, Infrastructure, Cloud
  • Professionalism
    We employ experts with 5+ years of experience delivered security assesments for UK, EU, US, Hong Kong and Israeli companies
  • Production Grade
    We know how to deal with SaaS production environment and sensitive customer data - finance, crypto and patient data

CyberDock Capabilities

  • Fully API-native Solution
  • Extensive Vulnerability Detection
  • Intelligent Asset Inventory
  • Risk Prioritization and Intelligence