Pioneers make history
World is struggling in a battle with international cybercriminal community. Cybercrime thrives because they share knowledge and collaborate with no regards to borders.

We believe in international cybersecurity cooperation so established a base in The Netherlands as a gateway to Europe. Europe has been one of primary targets for cybercrime for years, therefore, needs protection at the same time Europe has large corporate customers big and advanced enough to drive innovation on the cybersecurity market.

If you're a passionate vendor in an emerging product category, have a desire to become a market-defining company and is willing to enter EU market you're in the right place. We could connect you with interested corporations, technology partners, VADs, VARs, and MSSPs.

If you're a member of a strong security team who is tired of obvious "next-gen" solutions from established vendors and constant pressure from them you're in the right place. We could get you familiar with scale-ups and entrepreneurs who are behaving in another way.

Therefore you can contact our team for a discussion of your needs