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Cloudflare CDN VS Akamai CDN

The content delivery networks (CDN) product category has two market leaders - Cloudflare and Akamai. Both are extremely well-known and are used by thousands of businesses across different industries and geographies.

We are going to compare them from the cybersecurity perspectives as this is that we are doing for living.
Which solution is better?
Deployment and setup
Cloudflare is really easy to set up but you need to change your nameservers or use a Cloudflare-compatible hosting provider to use it,

Akamai is also easy to set up initially but since it does not have a free plan (Cloudflare does) it can take some time to approve even small budget for Akamai within your organization. If you have experimental budget it is not an issue.
Scalability and flexibility
Cloudflare CDN is a proven solution used by leading technology organizations around the globe. It can scale literally indefinitely but make sure you have money to pay the bill.

Akamai still looks solid but lacks the speed of Cloudflare when it comes to acquiring customers and making them brand promoters. For instance, on the G2 rating website, it has a 3.9 out of 5 score when Cloudflare has 4.6 out of 5.

Cloudflare and Akamai CDN: Key Differences
Cloudflare has free tier, Akamai does not. It means it is really much easier to start with Cloudflare.

Also Cloudflare has 20 and 200 USD per month pricing plans as well as an Enterprise one. Akamai has no public pricing plans.

While we hadn't bargained with Akamai even once, vendors without free tiers and with private pricing usually are more flexible than ones with public ones.
Cloudflare is a default choice if you want to pay as you grow bigger and get a free SSL certificate.

However, you can get one from Lets Encrypt, and don't forget to reassess your decision when your situation changes - your users consume more traffic and services from a content delivery networks.

Bigger organizations may benefit from Akamai's pricing if an assigned sales executive would be hungry for new business.

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