SOC Maturity Assessment for a Bank - Review

Security Operations Centers there is a mature topic with a long history that was adopted by a lot of companies.

We are glad to help a major private bank in Moscow with the transformation of its security operations model, including SOC maturity assessment and design of target architecture and a roadmap among core components - people and their skills, technology and log sources, and processes. The processes-related work included the development of incident management, SOC KPI management, log sources management procedures.

You can verify it using Clutch and if you are not a security operations consultancy, we can assist you with the design and delivery of a security operations program - ask for the price at the bottom of the page or drop a letter to our welcome email :)
Security operations technologies and services defend IT systems from attack through the identification of threats and exposure to vulnerability, enabling effective response and remediation. The innovations included here aim to help security and risk management leaders enhance their strategy.
Gartner Quote - Hype Cycle For Security Operations 2020
Their world-class expertise, constructive communication, and reasonable cost are all impressive.
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