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OpenShift VS CyberArk Conjur

Secrets management space has major powers and CyberArk is one of them. At the same time, built-in OpenShift capabilities are really popular because of their inherent availability to OpenShift users.
Which solution is better?
Deployment and setup
If you consider using OpenShift secrets it means you already have OpenShift cluster which simply comes with OpenShift secrets onboard - no-brainer setup.

At first, CyberArk has a strong professional services organisation capable of helping with its installations across the globe. But it comes at a price that you have to pay those high in-demand consultants.
Scalability and flexibility
OpenShift secrets scales as your OpenShift cluster does but is not a good choice for handling application-level secrets.

CyberArk might be even a number one in managing enterprise secrets, but make sure it supports the scale of your microservices architecture.
OpenShift secrets and CyberArk Conjur: Key Differences
As a classic enterprise solution at its core OpenShift secrets doesn't have OpenSource edition but comes literally for free as part of OpenShift stack. At the same time, CyberArk has Open Source variant and is known as flexible on pricing matter.

There is no room for bargaining there - if OpenShift secrets fit your requirements use it since there is no additional price tag attached. If not - consider choosing an another vault like Conjur or Hashicorp.
If your need is all about managing secrets for OpenShift clusters and just a bit about other things - OpenShift secrets is your winner there. If not - Conjur provides greater flexibility and is better choice for management of application-level secrets.

Each option solves a secrets management problem but brings a new problem - you'd have to implement and maintain it. If you consider getting help with this - check out our DevSecOps as a Service.

If you are not ready to consider the implementation of a tool - you can check out our Kubernetes Penetration Testing Service. Team