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Cyberlands API Penetration Testing testimonial from Service Company

Gartner-verified API Penetration Testing Service review

We are glad to announce that we have joined Gartner Peer Review service and got the first review of our API Penetration Testing Service from CTO of Service Company.

We are strongly committed to transparency in the cybersecurity space but Gartner rules forbid disclosure of an actual name.

Nevertheless, we are happy to share the review and encourage colleagues to get more verified reviews making choices for customers simpler.

If you are not a penetration testing service provider, we can assist you with API penetration testing - ask for the price in the bottom of the page or check out our API Penetration Testing service description:)
Gartner Peer Insights is a moderated collection of technology product/service evaluations created by users themselves. The moderation aspect is key --Gartner will be validating that every review comes from an authentic user. There won't be "fake" reviews from competitors, nor will providers be able to create reviews for themselves
Hank Barnes
Gartner, Chief of Research
Perfectly tailored boutique API security testing service with flexible collaboration approach and unique customer relations service.
Services Company, CTO