- API Penetration Testing

Immediate & Strategic Incident Response

What is Incident response?

Incident response is a service that helps you cut the losses right now and in long-term
A. Immediate
Incident Response
We promptly supply you with qualified security experts to confirm a data breach, assess its scope and kind of data and systems compromised making you able to respond
B. Tactical Incident Response
We perform actual response for you - urgently implementing changes in our infrastructure (hardening), deleting malicious accounts and files, installing security monitoring tools
C. Strategic Incident Response
We identify key business process and their owners in your organization, collect their concerns and address them and our actual incident investigation findings in a roadmap with timelines and security tools and controls suggestions,

Industrial Solutions

Preserving firm's reputation
Protecting patient's data
Defending intellectual property
Ensuring continuity of supply
Enabling digital services

How We Differ

  • Focus
    We maintain laser focus on API Penetration Testing and related disciplines
  • Digital Experience
    We provide Customer Portal access with all findings and recommendation for each customer - the portal could be connected to customers' systems like Jira
  • Professionalism
    We employ experts with 5+ years of experience delivered security assesments for UK, EU, US, Hong Kong and Israeli companies