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CyberlandS team got mentioned on cybernews

Cyberlands Featured on Cybernews!

The main reason penetration tests are necessary to an institution's security is that they help learn how to handle any type of malicious break-in.

For our top-notch security engineers at Cyberlands, penetration testing is their bread and butter. No matter what environment you are from or what vulnerabilities you have, we will always back you up.

To put your systems to the real test, we prepared a variety of services like:

  • API Penetration Testing
  • Data Breach Response
  • Cloud Penetration Testing
  • DevSecOps-as-a-Service
  • K8S Penetration Testing
  • Crypto Security Audits
  • Mobile Penetration Testing
  • Hybrid Fusion Security Operations
While applying ingenious technologies we managed to become recognized by the industry. Recently we have even been anointed in a detailed list of best penetration testing tools.

The list was compiled by Cybernews – an online resource, which focuses on different cybersecurity-related topics, from the most recent news to suggestions for VPNs for traveling.

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