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Cyberlands API Penetration Testing testimonial from Dutch hosting provider

Clutch-verified API Penetration Testing Service review (The Netherlands)

The Netherlands is a developed, small and enterprising country right in the center of Western Europe.

Although our HQ is there we have not received public reviews from Dutch customers before. So this one is special, first public review from a Dutch customer - a hosting & cloud services provider:) We helped with their digital transformation journey by assessing API security risks.

You can verify it using Clutch and if you are not a penetration testing service provider, we can assist you with API penetration testing - ask for the price in the bottom of the page or check out our API Penetration Testing service description:)
Just like the way a beautiful butterfly can't come into life without its transformation cycle from egg to larva, caterpillar to pupa and finally to a brilliant creation, to become a successful digitally transformed organisation, similar transformational stages are essential
Enamul Haque
CapGemini, Enterprise Digital Transformation Lead's reports have revealed over five API security risks, which have resulted in nine remediation actions. Their evident customer-centric approach has been impressive.
Georgy Volkov
DV Global BV, CTO