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Hashicorp Vault Service

Design, Implementation, Testing and Managed Support
What is Hashicorp Vault Service?

It is end-to-end delivery of tested and supported for you Hashicorp Vault to your cloud infrastructure, cloud-native apps and CI/CD tools
A. Design
We design Hashicorp Vault as your future Secrets Management capability, particularly taking into account
1. Level of high availability required
2. Back-up and data recovery options
3. Identity providers, cloud infrastructure, container orchestration, and CI/CD pipelines to be integrated - AWS, Azure, GCP, AliCloud, Okta, keycloak, GitLab, Jenkins, Kubernetes or OpenShift.

Examples of our design deliverables are - HLD, LLD, data recovery playbook, recommendations for incident response in case of vault compromise
B. Implementation & Testing
We implement Hashicorp Vault in your cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure and help step-by-step integrate with it your cloud-native apps. On top of that, we do the following kinds of testing for Hashicorp Vault:
  1. Integration Testing
  2. System Volume / Performance Testing
  3. Data Recovery Exercise
  4. Security Benchmarking Testing
C. Managed Services
We support Hashicorp Vault installation for you following the SLA set and your business objectives - time to restore, availability metrics, and the level of criticality for related business applications. Mainly we deliver the following:
1. Maintenance & housekeeping
2. Incidents troubleshooting
3. Data recovery exercise
4. Documentation update

Our Cases on Hashicorp Implementation