- API Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing, Security Assessment and SOC Consulting
We help you assess and design the security of your apps and cloud infrastructure
We provide cybersecurity services
For start-ups, corporations and governments in Emerging Markets
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From 1000 EUR
  • Sanity check for really clouds and apps
  • We apply OWASP standards
  • Not available urgently
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Security Assessment, Red Teaming and SOC Consulting
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  • Deep dive in your security landscape
  • Our blueprints + custom solutions
  • Notable automation with human touch
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How we work
We'll understand your goal, size and complexity of tasks to be carried
We'll perform the engagement in coordiation with your team
We'll draft a report and present it to you
We'll follow to check is there anything we can help more
Meet our experts
Every professional is trained and motivated. We strive to research hard but make no harm.
Alex Bodryk
Working experience – 12 years. The biggest client ever - a technology company with 10 million of users daily.
Sergey Khariuk
Working experiences –10 years. The biggest client ever is a FMCG company with 300k+ employees.
Roman Bondarenko
Working experiences – 7 years. The biggest client ever is 200k+ strong electronics company.
Andrey Kosinets
Working experiences – 2 years. The biggest client ever is a digital bank with 10 millions of clients.
Frequently asked questions
Can you help us with compliance \ auditors?
Yes, we comply to requirements of PCI DSS regulator (PCI Security Council) and Singapore regulator (MAS). Auditors love our reports!
Can I sign a contract for regular pentesting? Any discounts?
Yes, you can sign a contract with us giving you a discount as a regular customer.
Usually, it is much efficient than contract penetration testing suppliers separately.
Does your team have professional certifications?
Yes, we have OSCP, CISA, CCSK, ITIL Expert to name a few. But we sincerely believe that R&D proves security value of a company. Check out our Labs and Blog pages:)